Professional background: Creative thinker and innovative problem solver with multidisciplined experience spanning social media/digital marketing, search engine optimization/marketing, online branding, content development, and analytics. Currently, I’m the marketing manager for a software development firm in Atlanta. I also take on freelance content and marketing strategy work from time to time.

Personal background: Five feet of awesome. I started AshleyGraceless in 2007 (Ten Years, OMG) as an outlet to get whatever was swirling around in my brain out and on a page. Or a screen, as it were. Writing and the love of the written word is in my blood, but I also LOVE a good gif. This blog has chronicled much: I’ve gotten married, become an entrepreneur (more on that here), and had two children. We live in the suburbs of Atlanta (Woodstock) and occasionally, make it through our never-ending Netflix queue.

Things I love: tacos, coffee, music, poetry, birds, a good harmonica track, traveling, Southern writers, tattoos, fast cars, the smell of fresh-cut grass and gasoline, Pauly Shore movies, and a snarky one-liner.


Spirit Animal: Birds. More specifically, the Chickadee. They are little but fierce. They’re nesters. They take care of their own, and each one has a beautiful song. Plus, they’re basically tiny feathered dinosaurs. What’s not to love about that?